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Hi, My name’s Adwoa and I am the founder of Mini’s World. Born from the desire to ‘Create a world where you exist’.

I started my first business at 18 whilst studying PPE at University. I became aware of the impact sustainable fashion has on the world and wanted to be a part of the change. Fast-forward 5 years I have sold over 3500+ vintage pieces, secured 12+ brand partnerships, appeared on TV and was featured in VOGUE Business and The New York Times Fashion.

I created Mini's World to be a brand that encompasses sustainability, creative imagination and positive impact at its forefront. My slogan 'Creating a world where YOU exist' encapsulates the idea that each person can see a facet of themselves reflected back in the stories I tell, things I love or simply the clothes I sell. 

Topics I love to talk about: 
'The Mini Big Mentality' - Understanding the power of small things that lead to big impact, getting creative and leveraging the uniqueness that is you. 

If you are interested in working with me or would like to know more then please send a message.


This is Mini’s World.

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